Major artist of his time, José-Maria David is considered by experts as the master of the new animal school. Self-taught genius, José-Maria David creates beautiful bronze animals, translating, by motion and by a nervous and tense attitude, the whole power of the animal. The stroke of the cheetah is the most emblematic example. "I'm not trying to be figurative. I am anyway. For example, when I make a tiger, he must look like a tiger. " In fact, I try to be significant, to give life to the animal. It is a mixture of observation and search for beauty, "explained the artist.
The sculpture of José-Maria David reflects a sense of movement, referring to the unleashing of the animal by extreme mobility and a sense of speed. The artist produces almost kinetic effects of exceeding the vision and body. This impression is given in particular by the detailed presentation of tight muscles through movement. It shall, among other things, his sculpture of speed and style that leaves apparent the course of his fingers on the matter. Timeliness of José-Maria David, spontaneity and responsiveness of its design is reminiscent of the great animal sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti.
Early in his career, the pattern of José-Maria David is the horse. "Horses helped me enormously. They gave me confidence in myself. I owe them a lot, "he said. His work is then enriched, friendly tigers, cheetahs, rhinos, monkeys, ... a unique bestiary where wild animals are sublimated.

Born on 21 August 1944 at Conquereuil (Loire-Atlantique), José-Maria David spent his childhood near the forest of the Grave, a forest full of game. This closeness to nature is one of the engines of his artistic choices. Coming from a family of artists, he made, child, much of his toys plasticine and then clay. His primary education happens at home, up to 11 years. Adult, his love of art led to the first exercise the antique trade. Then it was in 1986 that he decided to devote himself entirely to sculpture, with the unique theme of animals, wild or domestic. José-Maria David died suddenly 12th October